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...IT AN HONOR!!!...


Would u light my candle??

Jenny's r new secratary <3<3<3

Almost 50 applied and only 9 of us got inducted!!!! JENN k= too long

ZIMMER and I!!!....I want to KILL him!!....rite b4 i walked on hes goes "MEAGAN UR CANDLE IS NOT GOING TO LIGHT!!"..and u kno what mine was the only one that wouldnt light!!!

Jenny BOO i luv U!!!!!!! DBF's always and forever!!!

I pledge myself to uphold The high purposes of the National Honor Society To which I have been selected.  Striving in every way by word and deed to make its ideals the ideals of my school and of my life.  I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society to which I have been selected; I will be true to the priciples for which it stands; I will be loyal to my school: ANd will maintain and encourage High standards of SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER!!!


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