dreamuponastar (dreamuponastar) wrote,

...new pics!!!...


Hope u like:)

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i love you.
I love u more!!
you look amazingly gorgeous
luv ya,
very pretty Meg! ♥
OMG the taxi pics are so fuckin hott!
get it girrrl haha
omg meagan! you are absolutely gorgeous!!
i ♥ the 3rd and 8th pictures..i'd bang.
haha love you bunches..toodles
Hey Meg its Kelly. Omg you are gorgeous. Seriously you look so pretty. My goodness youve grown up alot from the lil girl I used to throw up in the air way back in the west pines days. love ya lots...
p.s. ADD ME!!!!!



aww tim i miss u!!!!


12 years ago

Jesus, Meagan.
You are amazingly pretty!
"You hit me, I press charges." ;)
<3 <3 <3 <3
Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant tell u how much i miss seeing u everyday in sat!!!!..come visit me!!
wow..meag! u look beautiful! i love u and i miss uuuuuuuuuu

meggggg!!!!! that taxi jacket is hot. but you my friend, are beautiful.
<3 gabby groten who misses you more than most things in life.


12 years ago

awesome pics...
you can be my taxi driver............
i love em!

WOW. model in the making, one word for these pics is amazing, you r so beatiful and u have great talent, you can sing,dance, and act. wow your def gunna make it...in 8 years or so, maybe even sooner, im gunna turn on the tv and see meagan on a soap opera or the disney channel or even movies. haha, i love ya, and all this is true, keep up the acting,dancing,singing, and boootifulness..

luv alwaya<3 JEN

PS> i didnt make out with trevor, it was MARCO!
damnnnn................ lol
by the way its chris campana...you havent talked to me in a while :( hollaa lol
chris my friend..u are amazing!!!!
my favorite one is the one with the plaid pants and white shirt, u look goof
good* lol
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